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Urschel - TranSlicer® 2520 Cutter

The 2520 takes the design of the TranSlicer 2510 to the next level. Every facet of the machine focuses on timesaving, therefore cost-saving, sanitation practices.

On average, customers incorporating the TranSlicer 2520 into their production line are saving 25 minutes per washdown/cleaning versus previously owned machines. Elements of the machine aid in visual inspections and assist with hygienic cleaning procedures.


TranSlicer® 2520 Cutter - Precision, High Capacity Slicing Meets Next Level Sanitation


  • Commercial food processing of fresh-cut salads, leafy vegetables, celery, leek, carrots, cucumbers, and fruits.
  • The design concept encompasses the next generation of sanitation to greatly reduce cleaning times.
  • Accessibility to every area of the machine expedites washdowns.
  • All surfaces are engineered to promote water drainage.
  • 25" (635 mm) diameter interchangeable stainless steel cutting wheels
  • Rely on the TranSlicer 2520 to provide optimal, high-capacity cutting of commercial food processing applications with cost-savings related to reduced cleaning and inspection times.