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'Amber Delight' : An Early Bulking Variety Bringing Prosperity to Table Potato Farmers in India

'Amber Delight' : An Early Bulking Variety Bringing Prosperity to Table Potato Farmers in India

In India, Table Potato growers in the early-mid bulking segment were having very limited choice of varieties. They were facing challenges such as slow bulking, low marketable yield and hence lower profits. Besides this there were storability issues leading to higher storage losses.

Soundararadjane, S. CEO of Technico:
At Technico, we are focused on evaluating wide ranging varieties across Segments with viz., Table, French Fry and Crisp, with our access to germplasm with Global Breeders, keeping in mind emerging needs of potato growers and processing Industry players for future.

To address the need of farmers and to increase their profitability, Technico Agricultural Sciences Limited (TASL), India has been carrying out extensive varietal evaluation trials under its Varietal Advancement program across the potato producing states in the country. This helps to identify and launch suitable varieties in different Agro-climatic Zones.

One of the recent Table variety launch of Technico ‘Amber Delight” has brought cheers amongst farmers in W. Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, as it can be harvested after 75 days and aptly fits into their crop rotation.

Amber Delight offers the following benefits:

  • High Yield: 15.5-17.0 MT / Acre in 90-100 days, increases yield per unit of land and hence reduces cost of production to the grower
  • Uniform Tuber: Tubers are very uniform in shape & size, and produces more than 90% marketable yield
  • Better Storability: Best in the segment and lower storage losses

Prosenjit Karak, an Amber Delight grower from Hooghly, W. Bengal:
"I have grown Amber Delight in 2 Acres and got yield of 17,500 kgs/ Acre at harvest of 70 days. Its tubers were uniform in shape & size, the shiny skin attracted buyers in the market. Amber Delight is an early bulker which helped me timely planting of my next crop Groundnut as well."
Technico Agricultural Sciences Limited is a leading Ag Biotech Company engaged in production and marketing of Early Generation Seed Potatoes.