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UK Government awards GBP 2m to leading carbon capture and utilisation technology.

UK Government awards GBP 2m to leading carbon capture and utilization technology accelerating UK's ambition to be the global leader in reducing agriculture and industrial emissions.

British carbon capture and utilization company CCm Technologies has been awarded funding from Innovate UK to develop new modular Carbon Capture and Sequestration units that will accelerate emission-producing industries' ability to capture CO2 and produce zero carbon fertilizers.
CCm will collaborate with the UK's pioneering Advanced Thermal Conversion (ATC) lead, KEW Technology, to maximize value for both technologies in terms of sustainability and carbon abatement.

The mobile and highly adaptable technology will allow the CCUS units to operate onsite enabling the integration of CCUS technologies in the waste and fertilizer industries.

CCm's carbon capture system uses biochar1 produced from organic materials that have been found to improve soil health while enabling the sequestration of CO2 that would otherwise release into the atmosphere.

The modular nature of both systems means they can be applied across industrial and agricultural sites.

This government contract will support the acceleration of the agriculture and industrial sectors’ emissions reduction efforts.

The production of zero-carbon fertilizers sequesters at least one tonne of CO2 equivalent into the soil. With the fertilizers going back into the ground, the customized formulations will remove these emissions permanently.

CCm Technologies and KEW Technology will be ready to showcase the modular units at COP26 with the aim of demonstrating their decarbonization capabilities to the growing resource recovery and fertilizer sectors.

Almost 190 million tonnes2 of fertilizer are used globally each year. With CCm's technology's ability to permanently sequester CO2 in the soil, this funding will accelerate global technology exports and support decarbonization across the world through the global expansion of CCUS.

Pawel Kisielewski, CEO of CCm Technologies:
“We are delighted to have been awarded this contract from the Government, this will now allow us to demonstrate the technology at industrial scale in this rapidly growing biochar sector. It is great to see the Government showing support for innovative solutions that are key to reaching the UK net-zero target.”

“With 2021 being the big year for climate, we are excited to have the opportunity to showcase our technology during COP26 and to highlight the global potential carbon capture and utilization solutions can have.”
Kevin Chown, COO of KEW Technology:
“We are very excited to be working with CCm Technologies on this Innovate UK project.”

“This is a brilliant opportunity for the UK to showcase itself as a leader in net-zero and for us to demonstrate the role that technologies such as Advanced Thermal Conversion can have in achieving this and fuelling a world beyond fossil fuels.”