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Potato Next, The Dutch Potato Cooperation

Potato Next, The Dutch Potato Cooperation

Agosto 10, 2023

Agrico, Nedato and Leo de Kock announced the name of the new, independent cooperative of common consumption potatoes: PotatoNext. This joint cooperative marks an important milestone in the potato industry and will be the result of a close collaboration between the three renowned companies.

The new name also introduces a new logo and a new house style. The word mark and the pay-off complement the logo and contribute to the identity of the new joint brand. The new logo symbolizes the entire process of the potato, from planting in the ground to being served on the consumer's plate.

Each stage of this process contributed to the choice of specific colors that represent this brand. The color palette reflects the versatility and natural origin of the potatoes. The logo shows an 'infinity' sign, which, among other things, symbolizes cooperation and solidarity. The fresh look reflects the modern approach and commitment to quality.

Managing board

The management of PotatoNext has now been appointed and will be led by Jan Bijleveld and Mariska Werring. Both are currently employed as board members at Leo de Kock and will manage PotatoNext. With their extensive experience, they are determined to lead the cooperative to a successful future.

In addition, the MT team (Management Team) of PotatoNext has also been put together. This team will play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations and strategic decision-making within the cooperative. The MT team consists of the following members:

  • Daniel Hans – from Leo de Kock
  • Koen van Hartevelt – from Nedato
  • Jan den Boer – from Nedato
  • Francis Moerdijk – from Nedato