Potato harvester Enduro Generation 1 - It's a wrap! Generation 2 is here!

Enduro Self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester

Dewulf Enduro Self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester

Noviembre 22, 2023
Dewulf's 4-row sieving harvester Enduro has become more than an established player in the self-propelled harvester landscape in recent years. Since its launch in late 2020, the Roeselare-based machine manufacturer has continuously developed the harvester on tyres, a second generation of which will soon be on the market.

Besides a completely new look and feel, the Enduro Generation 2 will include additional features, such as a new ring elevator and telescopic wheel axle. The 4-row harvester will also be available in a 4 x 90 cm configuration. Continue reading for a preview of what will change and stay the same.

Enduro taken to an even higher level

Dewulf is unveiling a comprehensive redesign of their flagship just over three years after it was initially introduced to the general public (online).

The machine was very well received by users during the harvesting seasons since. However, based on customer feedback and evolving insights, there are a few things the manufacturer plans to do differently from now on.
  • One notable feature is the new ring elevator, which has significantly increased the processing capacity. The combination of larger bag volume, higher running speed and better product distribution have boosted the capacity by around 50%. The construction of the ring elevator has also been simplified.
  • The Enduro will now be available in a 4 x 90 cm configuration and can therefore also meet growing market demand in the Anglosphere, France and elsewhere.
  • Dewulf offers two engine options on the second-generation harvester. In addition to Scania's well-known 450 hp engine, a heavier-duty 550 hp version will now also be available. This is intended to meet the needs of users who require extra power, such as those who work in hilly conditions and at higher harvesting speeds.
  • There is also an optional telescopic wheel axle on the 4 x 75 cm version, to ensure the wheels stay safely on the road and make it even easier to manoeuvre the machine on narrow roads.
  • The new design features fewer guards, mainly for improved accessibility, while the main frame is now sturdier and stiffer. The (larger) anthracite-coloured fuel tank also provides a more balanced overall look of the machine.

Never change a winning machine

The aspects that were praised on the first-generation Enduro have naturally remained unchanged. For example, the continuously adjustable inclination angle (from 0 and 12°) on the available cleaning modules is an undeniable advantage, especially in rolling fields.

It can also be bypassed at any angle. Moreover, with its 2-part bunker that provides a convenient 9-tonne capacity, the 4- row machine claims the title as the largest in its market segment. In terms of (lowest) ground pressure (max. 1.8 kg/cm2), Dewulf's self-propelled harvester also tops the list.

For a harvester on tyres, the Enduro can also boast unrivalled traction, even in the most challenging conditions. Finally, in its second generation, the machine remains extremely low threshold for drivers thanks to its ergonomics and tremendous ease of use in the cabin.

The first units of the second-generation Enduro will roll off the production line in January 2024 and will therefore be seen in the field and on the roads during the harvest season that follows.
Dewulf Enduro Self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester

Dewulf Enduro Self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester

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