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Potato flavor stories Consumer love to learn about flavor next to usage
Potato flavor stories Consumer love to learn about flavor next to usage
Marzo 21, 2023
Consumers, especially the young generation Y & Z love to learn more about flavor when purchasing food products. It’s still pretty new in (fresh) produce but already well established in food and beverage products like coffee where Nespresso really did a great job establishing over 50 appealing flavor profiles.

Next to that you see it happing in tea and chocolate where more and more compelling and attractive flavor profiles are introduced that put you in a specific mood and experience.

Potato flavor stories

At Fresh Insight they believe flavor storytelling should be developed into produce as there are more and more varieties entering the market and the consumer is lost in the offer.

Linking flavor and usage together makes sense for consumers as we have learned in many conversations with consumers and companies should be working on flavor storytelling next to thinking about usage when developing a new product variety, its value proposition and launch story.

Developing flavor stories they work with vinologists (as wine is the product where flavor storytelling all started and people are passionate about) next to expert panel tasters and creative foodie consumers creating appealing flavor profiles and stories that stand out and are recognizable at consumer level. They have experience developing flavor stories for several vegetables crops and the consumers are loving it!

Potato Flavor Stories