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Bayer Serenade

Bayer's Serenade

Septiembre 16, 2023
Serenade is a biological fungicide based on a living bacterium derived from nature. Upon the application to the soil Serenade’s bacteria colonize the plant roots to the benefit of the plant.

The plant feeds the bacteria with root exudates. In return Serenade’s bacteria protect the plant roots, stolons and tubers from soil diseases such as Rhizoctonia, silver scab and common scab.

In addition, Serenade supports the plant to produce more roots to enhance nutrient uptake especially phosphate and the micronutrients iron, zinc, and manganese.

The performance of soil applied Serenade in potatoes was thoroughly investigated in The Netherlands in the period 2018–2022 in cooperation with 50 lead growers. Data originating from 147 large scale field trials with 6 replicates generated a huge database enabling detailed data analytics and statistical analysis.

Key lead findings from the field were brought back into the global research facilities of Bayer in Germany and USA to reproduce the field observations and to further unravel the basic principles of Serenade’s performance.

Together with growers, advisors and value chain partners unique features of Serenade performance were identified and confirmed at Bayer’s research facilities:
  • Serenade protects below ground plant parts from soil diseases e.g., Rhizoctonia and common scab (Streptomyces spp) Serenade significantly increases the root formation especially the formation of stolon roots
  • Serenade significantly enhances the uptake of nutrients e.g. calcium (Ca) and iron (Fe)
  • Serenade significantly improves skin quality and shelf life through enhanced suberin formation
  • Serenade significantly improves potato vitality with carry over effect into the next growing season
  • Serenade significantly reduces the formation of green tubers and solanine formation


Serenade unique properties improve marketable yield of potatoes along with increased skin quality, lower incidence of diseases, increased nutrient content (Ca, Fe) and strong reduced solanine levels. Potato harvested from Serenade treated fields, hold increased vitality the basis for improved yield gains in the succeeding crop.


Apply Serenade as an in-furrow application at planting at a dose rate of 5 liter per ha. Serenade can be mixed with starter fertilizers and/or other fungicides. Ensure coarse filters (<50 mesh) are used to secure optimum flow rates at application.