Variety Name: EsmeeRights Holder | Breeder: AGRICO RESEARCH BVCountry of Origin: Netherlands Países BajosYear of of introduction: 2013Parentage: LAURAxRODEO
A second early ware variety with nice red skin, good heat tolerance, and a good yield.


  • Retail | General purpose
  • Beautifull appearance
  • Large tubers
  • Multiple virus resistances

Plant and tuber

  • Maturity: Second early
  • Tuber shape: Oval long
  • Flesh Colour: Yellow
  • Tuber size: Large
  • Skin colour: Red
  • Flower colour: Light purple
This variety is a cross between Laura and Rodeo.

Laura is a frequently used parent in various potato breeding programs. The variety has a very solid shape, beautiful red skin, and yellow flesh. Rodeo is a variety known for its capacity for good yields in various climates. This great combination results in an attractive potato – the Esmee variety.

This variety is intended for the early red-skinned market and was bred by Agrico Research. It also has other good properties such as excellent consumption quality and good virus resistance, and it is easy to grow.

Esmee is originally a French name that means “beloved” and we believe that it suits this variety well. Esmee is also a common girl's name and easy to pronounce in many languages.

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