Variety Name: LauraRights Holder | Breeder: NIEDER OSTERREICHISCHE SAATBAUGENOSSENSCHAFTCountry of Origin: Austria AustriaYear of of introduction: 1976
Laura - the "queen of red skin" with deep yellow flesh colour and high culinary quality.
  • Maturity:Early main to main crop
  • Yield: Very high from irrigated crops
  • Tubers: Large to very large tubers
    • Long oval shape
    • Deep red skin with deep yellow flesh
    • Shallow eyes
  • Eating Quality: Excellent taste, very suitable for pre-packing. May also suit processing into French fries, crisps and mashed potatoes.
  • Virus Diseases: High resistance to virus Y and A, moderate resistance to leafroll virus.
  • Other Diseases:Moderate susceptibility to leaf blight, good resistance to tuber blight. Average resistance to common scab, susceptible to powdery scab.
  • PCN:Resistant to potato cyst nematodes, pathotypes Ro 1-5.

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