Variety Name: MarancaRights Holder | Breeder: DR. R.J. MANSHOLT'S VEREDELINGSBEDRIJF BVCountry of Origin: Netherlands Países BajosYear of of introduction: 1995Parentage: IMPALA
The Maranca is known for holding its shape when cooked, making it incredibly versatile. Equally as flavoursome when roasting, in salads or just jacket potatoes, the Maranca is the perfect all-rounder spud.

Plant Characteristics
  • Maturity: Early to intermediate

Tuber Characteristics
  • Tuber skin colour: White to yellow
  • Primary tuber flesh colour: Yellow
  • Tuber shape: Oval

Tubering Characteristics
  • Tubers per plant:  Many
  • Tuber size:  Large to very large
  • Tuber shape uniformity:  Uniform
  • Secondary growth:  Low
  • Resistance to external damage:  Moderate to resistant
  • Resistance to internal bruising: High to very high

Resistance to fungal diseases
  • Resistance to late blight on tubers (Artificial inoculum in the field):  High to very high
  • Resistance to late blight on foliage (Artificial inoculum in the field):  Low to medium
  • Wart (Synchytrium endobioticum):  Field immune
  • Field immunity to wart races:  Race 1

Resistance to virus diseases
  • Resistance to potato virus A:  Very high
  • Resistance to potato virus X:  High
  • Resistance to potato leaf roll virus:  Medium

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