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ALTHO is a potato chip manufacturer originating in Brittany, France. The company offers Bret's branded chips and in addition focus strongly on private label brands


Chips made from Létourville farm potatoes, in the heart of Beauce. Hand-sorted, sliced, cooked in small quantities in a cauldron, then lightly salted with Ile de Ré salt and seasoned with Provencal herbs and tomatoes. Gluten free, preservative free, artificial flavor, palm oil free.

Europe Snacks

Europe Snacks is a key player in the French private label savoury snacks market and the leading own-label stacked chips manufacturer.

Flodor SAS

Flodor is a French manufacturer of chips and snacks. Flodor is part of the Italian company Unichips.

Limagrain Ingredients

Limagrain Ingredients is a subsidiary of Limagrain. Limagrain is an agricultural cooperative owned by almost 1,500 farmers located in Limagne in the Allier Valley (in the centre of France) and an international seed group

PepsiCo France

Since 1993, PepsiCo France has been a dynamic subsidiary that offers a full range of beverages and food products, combining pleasure and well-being. It includes market-leading brands such as Bénénuts, Quaker, Lay's and Doritos.


Sibell is a French manufacturer of potato chips

So Chips

So Chips is an artisan manufacturer of kettle fried potato chips located in France.


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