Empresas que se dedican al Cultivo de Papas para la Producción de Chips en Los Estados Unidos

Allied Potato Colorado, Inc.

Allied Potato Colorado is mostly a seed-producing farm in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. At over 7,000 feet elevation their farm can grow superior quality seed to support their commercial operations in California, Oregon, and Washington.

Allied Potato, INC

Allied Potato is an internationally recognized leading potato grower, packer, shipper, and exporter.

Black Gold Farms

Black Gold is a global production, sales and service operation, specializing in potatoes.

Blue Sky Farms

Blue Sky Farms is one of the major coloured potato growers in the USA.

CSS Farms

CSS Farms is a diversified producer of vegetable crops as well as row crops and small grains with operations across the United States.

Gold Dust Potato Processors, Inc

Gold Dust Potato Processors Inc. is a family-owned company,  combining commercial potato growing, packing and marketing business
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Heartland Farms, Inc

Heartland Farms is a fifth generation irrigated Potato & Vegetable farm operating in five counties of Wisconsin covering 15.000 acres.

Hoverson Farms

Hoverson Farms is a multi-generational farming operation specializing in raising premium processing, chipping and table stock potatoes

Jones Potato Farm

Jones Potato Farm is a potato grower and packer in Southern Florida, specialized in early season table potatoes and potatoes for the production of potato chips.

Kingston fresh

Kingston fresh is the major producer of Potatoes, Pineapple, Onion and Kingston fryers, a potato selected specifically for making fresh hand cut fries.

Kitchen Farms

Kitchen Farms has been growing, bagging, and shipping potatoes since 1909. Kitchen Farms offer several different types of potatoes: Whites, Russets, and Reds. All varieties are available in 5 lb., 8 lb., 10 lb., 15 lb., 20 lb., and 50 lb. bags.

North Fork Potato Chips

Kettle chips manufacturer in New York State with distribution mainly in the North Eastern United States

Sackett Potatoes

Sackett Potatoes is a sixth generation farm operating in Michigan and North Carolina. They have continually grown through the years and pride themselves on not only quality crops, but leading their business with honesty and integrity.

Schmieding Produce

Schmieding Produce grows and ships fresh fruits & vegetables across the United States

Schroeder Brother's Farms

Schroeder Brothers Farms grows over 2200 acres of foundation and certified seed potatoes mostly in the Antigo area, but also in Suring, Mountain, Post Lake Pearson and Phlox. They grow over 20 varieties each year including reds, russets, chips and Frito Lay varieties.

Walther Farms

Walther Farms is a supplier of commercial and seed potatoes for the potato chip and fresh table stock markets grown throughout the United States.


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