Heckner Hybrid - Ceramic Hydrocyclone

Heckner Hybrid - Ceramic Hydrocyclon

Heckner Hybrid - Ceramic Hydrocyclon

Food grade is playing an increasingly important role in the competitive food industry. Microplastic should be banned from food. This is achieved by using their ceramic / VA hydrocyclones instead of the previously widespread polyurethane disposable devices.

In the test, their models achieved up to 12% better separation performance with a multiple service life at the same time. Despite the higher acquisition costs, the TCO drops significantly over the service life!

In order to do justice to all applications, almost any connection dimensions of previously used models can be implemented. this guarantees a 1:1 exchange in practically all existing systems.

The advantages at a glance:
  • Ceramic version available
  • VA version available
  • No micro plastic due to abrasion of the housing wall
  • Extremely extended service life
  • Low TCO
  • Dead space free design
  • Better retention rate
  • High performance version available
  • 1 : 1 interchangeable with almost all common models due to flexible construction variants
  • Any connection dimensions can be realized


This product was part of the Interpom 2022 Innovation Tour