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Wyma Rotary Screen Filter
Rotary Screen Filter
Wyma's Rotary Screen Filter is compact and costeffective. It is a first-stage water treatment solution that removes vegetable matter and debris from water so it can be reused.
SFW Mud Pump
Mud Pump
SFW Mud Pump is a severe-duty 'mud' pump for dirty abrasive water.
Wyma Rotary Screen Water Recycling System
Rotary Screen Water Recycling System
Wyma's Rotary Screen Water Recycling System removes vegetable matter, debris and dirt from Vege-Polisher™ wastewater so the water can be reused. Wastewater and debris are collected in the sloped catchment tray.
Southern Fabrication Works offers this compact unit for solids removal for (waste-)water treatment
Water Treatment (Solids Removal)
Solids handling system designed to work in conjunction with washing or other solid saturated water systems. This system can be sized and implemented to produce clean recirculated water where solids removal is required.
FLO-STARCH® Starch & Water Recovery System for the recovery of native potato starch from processing water
FLO-STARCH® Starch and Water Recovery System
FLO-STARCH® Starch and Water Recovery System separates starch from process water and deposits the starch in large bags for re-sale or re-use.
Waste Scraper System
The Eqraft Waste Scraper Systems are heavy duty and are designed for potato waste such as lose skins, dust and whole potatoes.
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Vanmark waste separating auger significantly reduce peeler waste in your drain system
Waste Separating Auger
The Waste Separating Auger filters solid waste out of Peeler/Scrubber/Washer process water– reducing waste to the drain system and resulting water treatment costs.
Vanmark Water Reclamation System: Significantly reduce water use for potato peeling through recirculation
Water Reclamation System
The Water Reclamation System recirculates process water from Vanmark’s Peeler/Scrubber/Washers – reducing water usage up to 90%.
Reyco Systems Positive Pneumatic System
Positive Pneumatic System
Waste removal is a major challenge in all food processing environments however it is seldom more of an issue than in the fresh-cut fruit and vegetable industry. Reyco Positive Pneumatic conveying system provides a simple, cost-effective solution to these problems.
Heckner Hybrid - Ceramic Hydrocyclon
Hybrid - Ceramic Hydrocyclon
Food grade is playing an increasingly important role in the competitive food industry. Microplastic should be banned from food. This is achieved by using their ceramic / VA hydrocyclones instead of the previously widespread polyurethane
VAM watertech
Agrofood water purification
VAM WaterTech has developed a modular, expandable system for the reuse of agricultural washing water. The system consists of a number of standard modules (fully automatic systems) that can be selected per customer
SiccaDania One-In-All-Out
One-In-All-Out extraction plant for starch, protein and fibres
With their unique technology concept, One-In-All-Out, you can manufacture high-quality food ingredients tailored for specific markets.
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Ultra-low pressure vapour absorption chiller installed at the world's leading potato snack manufacturer.
Ultra Low - Pressure Vapour Absorption Chiller
Thermax is a leading manufacturer of vapour absorption chillers in the world. Vapour absorption chillers can be a viable alternative to conventional cooling solutions in the potato industry.


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