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SiccaDania A/S

In 2014, a group of engineers with vast experience from the drying and evaporating industries established SiccaDania, a company that focuses on creating the solutions their customers want.

From the humble beginning with no more than 10 people, they can now proudly boast a global footprint with offices in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, China, Brazil, and Canada, and more than 400 employees.

They have focused on creating a worldwide company on the foundation of knowledge and experience. This experience transcends their first focus of spray drying and evaporation to include several other technologies such as mixing, filtration, freeze-drying, bag filters, cyclones, and many other technologies.

These technology divisions are all spearheaded by industry-leading specialists with extensive knowledge and a customer-focused approach.

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SiccaDania Group - Company introduction

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