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SiccaDania Flash Dryers

SiccaDania flash dryers provide customers with rapid drying of starches, fibers, and plant-based proteins. SiccaDania flash dryers are pneumatic dryers used for drying powdered products such as starches, fibers, and certain proteins (e.g. potato protein).

The flash dryer can evaporate large quantities of moisture in a single unit. SiccaDania flash dryers feature the latest sophisticated and energy-efficient designs when compared to traditional drying concepts in the market.

The dryers incorporate our in-house designed equipment such as fans, screw conveyors, cyclones and/or filters. This equipment has proven itself over many decades as part of our dryers and conveying systems as well as loose supply items for various processes.

The process stability is ensured over the full operating range including swift and smooth startup to full operation and turndown. Where it was necessary, we include our proven control systems which might contain:

  • Condition monitoring
  • Process control
  • Safeguarding
The dryers can be equipped with:
  • Various heat sources such as steam, hot water, natural gas, exhaust gas, and/or electrical heating
  • Heat recovery from the exhaust gas to improve thermal efficiency
  • Wet feed system for buffering, homogenizing, and dosing of the wet feed
  • Back-mixing system for external recirculation of dry product to improve flowability in case of high moisture content of the wet feed
  • Cooling, milling, and/or sieving of the dried product

Key features of SiccaDania flash dryers:
  • Removal of surface moisture in a single-stage
  • Short residence time and therefore low product temperature and optimum product quality Easy to operate
  • Fit for the purpose by using our own SiccaDania equipment such as fans, cyclones, filters, and screw conveyors