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SiccaDania Single Hydro Cyclones

A single hydro cyclone can be used for all customers who prioritize high uptimes, efficiency, and long life while also contributing to excellent quality. SiccaDania’s single hydro cyclones are created to benefit our customers with high wear resistance, long life, and excellent performance. The hydro cyclone consists of a cylindrical upper part provided with an inlet and overflow.

This part is mounted on a conical-shaped housing fitted with an apex nozzle. Product is fed tangentially under a certain feed pressure. Centrifugal action forces the solids outward against the cyclone wall and downward through the apex nozzle. Fluid is forced upward in a vortex flow and is discharged through the overflow outlet.


The hydro cyclone HC-50 is made of wear-resistant polyurethane. The separation efficiency and concentration of the underflow are adjusted by exchanging the feed pressure and/or the apex diameter. The hydro cyclone is available as a single unit with a pressure gauge, control valve, transparent drain hose, and mounting bracket.

Dependent on the given capacity up to 20 hydro cyclones HC-50 are mounted to a manifold with central feed and overflow flange.


SiccaDania Single Hydro Cyclones Data Sheet

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