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SiccaDania Single Hydro Cyclones
A single hydro cyclone can be used for all customers who prioritize high uptimes, efficiency, and long life while also contributing to excellent quality.
SiccaDania Centrifugal Sieves
The SiccaDania Centrifugal Sieves are designed to generate the maximum possible starch yield through low freshwater usage, and minimal downtime.
SiccaDania Flash Dryers
SiccaDania flash dryers provide customers with rapid drying of starches, fibers, and plant-based proteins. SiccaDania flash dryers are pneumatic dryers used for drying powdered products such as starches, fibers, and certain proteins (e.g. potato protein).
SiccaDania One-In-All-Out
With their unique technology concept, One-In-All-Out, you can manufacture high-quality food ingredients tailored for specific markets.
SiccaDania Raspers
Being the first step in the wet process, the milling performance is crucial. The yield of the rasper determines to a great extent the overall yield of the entire starch operation. Any starch lost in this section is lost forever.
SiccaDania De-Sanding Cyclones
The SiccaDania de-sanding cyclone is designed to remove unwanted particles in the production. For the best protection and minimum wear of the overall process equipment
SIccaDania Multi Hydro Cyclones
With a SiccaDania multi hydro cyclone, customers will be able to upgrade their starch quality with a state-of-the-art mechanical cyclone design.
SiccaDania Sanitary Multi Hydro Cyclone
When purity cannot be compromised it is important to have a means of protecting the process and the starch. The SiccaDania sanitary multi hydro cyclone provides customers with 100% hygienic cyclone to protect the starch.
SiccaDania FPF vacuum filters
Vacuum filters are conceptualised specifically for the dewatering of starches. The FPF filter meets the latest requirements in terms of energy consumption and uptime. The design is about robustness, ease of operation and durability.
SiccaDania Refining Sieves
The SiccaDania refining sieve is developed for the separation of solids from process fluids. It is equipped with an effective and fully automatic drum cleaning system and is especially suitable for separating fibers from fluids.


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