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SiccaDania Centrifugal Sieves

SiccaDania Centrifugal Sieves

The SiccaDania Centrifugal Sieves are designed to generate the maximum possible starch yield through low freshwater usage, and minimal downtime.

Lowest downtime in the industry

The centrifugal extraction sieves are designed to generate the maximum possible starch yield. The starch is extracted by centrifugal sieving. The pulp is placed on a rotating sieve which is designed to allow the starch to pass but block fibers. During the sieving process, water is added to wash the maximum amount of starch out of the pulp.

Centrifugal Sieve Coupling Drive

The SiccaDania centrifugal sieve coupling drive is designed for easy maintenance and with fewer spare parts. With the needed frequency converter, the centrifugal sieve allows for flexible rotation speeds which in return could optimize the local process demands. The Coupling Drive is a more energy-efficient centrifugal sieve however requires more floor space.

Centrifugal Sieve Belt Drive

The belt-driven centrifugal sieve is a more compact sieve. The design is optimized to fit into small spaces without compromising the starch quality.

Benefits of the Centrifugal sieves

  • Highest starch yield (optimal sieve configuration)
  • Sieves with long service life
  • Easy and stable operation (automatic feed pressure regulation)
  • Easy maintenance: a unique opening system for fast access to the inner part of the machine, and fast exchange of worn parts.
  • Low maintenance (vibration-free, robust design)
  • Minimum cleaning downtime: self-cleaning sieve cone and CIP design (clean-in-place)
  • Low energy use: direct drive or belt drive
  • High production capacity: greater than 40m3 /hr per sieve

SiccaDania Centrifugal Sieves Data Sheet