SiccaDania acquires NivobaHovex

SiccaDania acquires NivobaHovex

SiccaDania acquires NivobaHovex

January 15, 2019
Manufacturer of equipment for the (potato) starch industry SiccaDania has acquired NivobaHovex, also a specialist in starch processing. This acquisition is a key development for SiccaDania. By combining the resources within the SiccaDania group, they will strive to become the world leader in advanced starch and co-products systems.

Soren Rasmussen SiccaDania’s CEO:
"This acquisition is a very important milestone in the development of SiccaDania as a leading supplier of high-quality advanced process solutions to the global starch industry. Through this acquisition, SiccaDania gains a strong position as an innovative market leader not only for single machines but for high-quality technical solutions and state-of-the-art complete starch production process lines."

"The food processing industry is continuously facing demanding themes in today’s world, such as rising human population, environmental pollution, and a general change in customers’ lifestyles, forcing us to focus on the most sustainable and the most innovative technologies."

"By combining the resources within the SiccaDania group, we will strive to become the world leader in advanced starch and co-products systems. Ranging from single components and process units to complete turnkey plants, we aim at becoming the first-choice supplier to our customers worldwide."
SiccaDania is excited to have this experienced and talented group of people joining their organization. With over 125 years of experience, Nivoba and its team have become instrumental in developing many of the technologies currently used by starch producers all over the world.

On the other hand, Hovex, initially a break-out from Nivoba, is considered an expert in delivering the highest demands for purity, efficiency, and sustainability. In 2017, the combination of these two strong Dutch names has created a powerful player in the global starch industry.

Mr. Arend Jan Van Gelder, the current Managing Director of SiccaDania Netherlands, assuming the same role for NivobaHovex.

Arend Jan Van Gelder:
"The wealth of experience and know-how in NivobaHovex enables the combined group to design and deliver complete integrated systems from raw material intake to the best possible end products, while also keeping a close eye on your total energy, water, and waste management. Not only will we be able to supply conventional process lines for starch products."

We as NivobaHovex SiccaDania will also design and deliver unique solutions for side-streams and co-products promising lower water and energy consumption, higher product yields, and higher overall profit margins for customers. We will continue to innovate with you!"
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