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Fate North Carolina Sweet Potato Crop after Florence still a question mark
The problem for North Carolina’s sweet potato farmers is knowing whether the drenching rains unleashed by hurricane Florence will have the same effect as being inundated by a flooded pond or creek. Some sweet potato fields received as much as 30 inches.
Idaho Potato Commission website redesigned
The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) is thrilled to announce the launch of its redesigned website with more mobile-friendly formats, scroll features, modified layouts and a load-on-demand feature.
How to measure if a potato is PEF-treated just right?
In Pulsed Electric Field Treatment of potato, the treatment intensity needs to be monitored to optimize process performance and product yield. So how can that be done?
Single source snack solutions showcased at the Heat and Control and Ishida Open House
Heat and Control and Ishida have demonstrated their complete solutions in snacks food production Open House event at the Ishida factory facility in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
Marc Van Herreweghe new chairman of Belgapom, the Belgian association representing potato processing and trade
Belgapom, the Belgian potato trade and processing industry association, has appointed Marc Van Herreweghe as its new chairman.
Quality vs quantity? How food businesses can  increase margins and reduce risk
What matters more for food businesses, quality and safety or quantity? But does food quality and safety and food quantity have to be opposing factors, so that as output increases quality suffers?
Cold Chain Logistics provider NewCold builds fully automated frozen storage warehouse in Idaho
Dutch frozen storage specialist NewCold is investing $90 million to build a fully automated 140-foot-high, 25 million-cubic-foot frozen storage warehouse in Burley, Idaho.
Lo que un productor de papa debe saber sobre la teledetección
Conceptos básicos de esta ciencia, tales como, qué es la teledetección, cómo funciona, qué información ofrece, qué plataformas y sensores utiliza, cuáles son sus beneficios, cuál plataforma es la más útil, etc.
Sunday, June 24, 2018