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Thermax Limited is a leading provider of energy and environment solutions based in Pune, India. Thermax offers integrated innovative solutions in the areas of heating, cooling, power, water and waste management, air pollution control and chemicals.

Absorption Cooling and Heating, a unit of Thermax specializes in the absorption technology and manufactures reliable, environment friendly cooling & heating solutions. The absorption machines are manufactured in India's first Industry 4.0 ready smart green facility powered by skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology ensuring the production of zero-defect machines. The business spans more than 90 countries with 6300+ installations across the globe supported by an extensive sales and service network. As one of the pioneers in absorption technology, the business has over 100 applications in 50 different industries. By offering environment-friendly and energy-efficient solutions, the company enables businesses realize their sustainability goals. Minimal dependence on electricity grids, harnessing and utilising waste heat - all contribute to enhancing operational efficiency and bottom lines of industries.

(Click picture to watch video) Thermax's manufacturing facility at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh

Thermax's manufacturing facility at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh

The systems, products, and services developed by Thermax help industry achieve better resource productivity and improve bottom lines while maintaining a cleaner environment. Even as they convert costs to profits, they help to protect the environment in limited ways. A win-win for industry and society at large.

They operate globally through 29 international offices and 14 manufacturing facilities – 10 of which are in India and 4 overseas.

Their presence spans 88 countries and supports customers through an extensive sales & service network spread over Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

The group consists of 7 wholly owned domestic subsidiaries and 21 wholly owned overseas subsidiaries.

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Thermax’s ZeroWeGo - Restoring environment through reduced emissions
January 14, 2022

Thermax's ZeroWeGo - Restoring environment through reduced emissions

Sustainability in industries has come a long way. From the establishment of environmental regulations in the 1970s to the modern environmental movement, the market forces are driven by these strategic concerns.