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Pellet Snacks Processing Plant

Kuipers pellet processing technology presents snack producers the opportunity to manufacture delicious products such as puffed-style pellets, prawn crackers, pork rinds, and other similar snacks all on the same plant. This is an efficient and quality system designed with the product’s characteristics in mind to ensure an optimal product output.

The line incorporates all the necessary components from raw pellet receipt until packaging. Our frying system ensures efficient product transportation, control of temperature, and maintenance of the frying oil quality at all times. This, as a result, guarantees a delicious and qualitative end product.

Pellet Processing line Kuipers FPM

All Kuipers lines are executed turnkey, pre-wired and pre-tested in the workshop before delivery, and mounted in the Kuipers unique mainframe for a clean and safe design. This will furthermore help our clients efficiently and rapidly start-up their line on site.
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3D Animation Pellet Processing Plant PP500