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Fully Automatic Potato Chips Line
The fully automatic potato chip production lines are created to transform potatoes into delicious, top-quality potato chips. Various capacities can be customized to meet your needs.
Pellet Frying Line
Economode is a manufacturer and supplier of Pellet Frying Line.
SV Agri, Popped Chips Line
Popped Chips Line
Popped snacks, which are chip-like or cake-like snacks created using the high temperature and high-pressure technology. These snacks can be made using a variety of food ingredients, including rice, corn (preferably broken corn or grits), wheat, jawar, bajra, ragi, potato flour, potato starches (micro pellets), and pulses like chickpeas, bengal gram, lentils, etc.
SV Agri, Breakfast cereals Line
Breakfast cereals Line
The breakfast cereal machine processes ready-to-eat breakfast cereals in a variety of shapes and recipes using corn flour, wheat flour, oats, barley, etc. as its raw material.
SV Agri, Potato Chips Line
Potato Chips Line
SV Agri help snack manufacturers produce classic potato chips, batch fried potato chips, crispy and crunch chips, stackable chips, and hard bite chips on the same line.
Semi Automatic Potato Chips Line
Economode's semi-automatic potato chips production lines are primarily developed for small and medium-scale potato chips businesses.
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Fully Automatic Mini Potato Chips Line
Economode Fully Automatic Mini Potato Chips Line comes in 100 KG and 200 KG / HR capacity. They obligated to meet the quality standards as per the customer demand.
SV Agri, Extruded Snacks Line
Extruded Snacks Line
With the rising demand to meet the craving of the consumers, snacks must be appealing both in taste and appearance. To match this increasing demand, SV Agri has built an extruded snack production line that helps in manufacturing multiple snack foods at quicker bake times.
SV Agri, Dynamic Mixing System Line
Dynamic Mixing System Line
Quality and efficiency are critical when it comes to mixing multiple ingredients as per the recipe set. Flexible and dynamic mixing systems can be a competitive advantage for snack product manufacturers.
SV Agri, Shell Coating System
Shell Coating System
SV Agri automatic nut/shell coating machine is mainly used for coating, glazing, and granulating edible nuts such as almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, green peas, puffed chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.


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