SV Agri Potato Chips Line

SV Agri, Potato Chips Line

SV Agri, Potato Chips Line

From potato intake to fryer outlet, the potato chips line is designed to wash off, peel, slice, and fried uniformly. SV Agri help snack manufacturers produce classic potato chips, batch fried potato chips, crispy and crunch chips, stackable chips, and hard bite chips on the same line.

These automatic potato chip lines help you produce oil-free potato chips without any manual effort. The Potato Chips Production Line is highly automatic, easy to operate, and economizes manpower.

Key Benefits
  • Frying at lower temperature than conventional
  • Multiple Frying temperature profiles are possible
  • Multiple Texture Possibilities
  • Complete belt in Chips Fryer
  • Most Uniform Dwell time
  • Lowest Water consumption
  • Integrated Peel Management system
  • Lowest fine generation
  • Decreased turnaround time of oil
  • Oil Cooling mechanism

Product Possibilities
  • Crispy Bite
  • Crunchy Bite
  • Hard Bite Potato Chips

Line Capacity
  • 250 Kg/hr, 500 kg/hr, 750 kg/hr & 1000 kg/hr