SV Agri Extruded Snacks Line

SV Agri, Extruded Snacks Line

SV Agri, Extruded Snacks Line

With the rising demand to meet the craving of the consumers, snacks must be appealing both in taste and appearance. To match this increasing demand, SV Agri has built an extruded snack production line that helps in manufacturing multiple snack foods at quicker bake times. It doesn’t matter what type of snack you want to produce; the extruded snack production line can produce a variety of extruded snacks simply by changing the mixing, heating, and shearing conditions.

Key Benefits
  • Meal distribution with Cablevey delivering uniform meal moisture to each Extruder
  • Gentle handling of products - minimal breakage
  • Option of SWING Lines that Integrates a Dryer and a Fryer on the same line
  • Option of Multiple Flavoring System to generate multiple flavors at any instant
  • Complete automation of the line with PLC & HMI in air-conditioned Panel
  • Ribbon blenders with dosing automation with pre-set recipes for multiple products
  • Sieving at multiple locations to prevent the formation of lumps

Product Possibilities
  • Rings
  • Puffs
  • Cheese balls
  • Curls
  • Centre Filled Snacks
  • Millet based extruded snacks in different shapes

Line Capacity
  • 200 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr