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Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt. Ltd. (SV Agri)

Company Description
Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt. Ltd. is a player well known globally for providing end-to-end customised solutions in potato supply chain.

Agri Business

SV Agri's Agri Business Division has deep penetration in the potato value chain, providing high quality potato seeds and knowledge of producing process grade potatoes to farmers across the country.

Engineering Business

Through Engineering Business Division, SV Agri engineer and manufacture a wide range of processing equipment like Extruded Snacks Lines, Flavouring Systems, Distribution and Conveying Systems.
Product Types
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Siddhivinayak Agri Processing Pvt. Ltd. (SV Agri) represents the following companies/brands:
Contact Information
Konark Riveria
Nagar Road Yerawada Pune Maharashtra 411006
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