Become a partner in the 'IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT POTATOES' campaign

Become a partner in the 'IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT POTATOES' campaign

The 'IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT POTATOES' campaign is designed to allow multiple variations and strategies under the concept Imagine a World Without Potatoes. We want to encourage different initiatives that best suit your markets and concerns.

From displaying the campaign’s message on your products to encouraging initiatives like viral videos from schoolchildren on how they imagine a world without potatoes, or celebrity chefs expressing their frustration should they be forced to go without the tuber.

From adapting the phrase to highlight the potato’s values:

“Can you imagine a world without comfort?”

“Can you imagine a world without the thousands of jobs the potato sector provides?”

Campaign Benefits

To help you to make the most of becoming a campaign partner you will receive:
  • ​A full campaign branding package in the language required
  • The right to use the campaign’s message and communications tools
  • Support and feedback from the campaign’s creative team to discuss and develop country and situation specific ideas to promote the concept
  • Presence in the campaign’s digital platform that will showcase your strategies
  • Access to CIP researchers and potato experts to explore actions that can further promote the potato

Benefits on PotatoPro

If you are a Sponsor of PotatoPro, PotatoPro offers campaign partners the following additional benefits:
  • A way to highlight your participation in this campaign on most of your content on PotatoPro.
  • VIP treatment for all your news related to this campaign
  • Use of PotatoPro's strong social media presence to magnify your campaign messages, no matter if they originate from PotatoPro or not