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PPM Libra Mass Flow

PPM Libra Mass Flow

PPM’s Libra VF Mass Flow System employs a two-tier conveyor system that combines VF technology with load-cell scales, measuring product by both weight and volume. The Libra’s loss-in-weight feedback system provides continuous, real-time product load measurements, adjusting product speeds to ensure feed rates are consistent and precise.

With achievable accuracy of +/- 1%, this proven loss-in-weight technology outperforms traditional weigh belts and weigh chutes.

The Libra’s small footprint, along with its nearly 100% vibration isolation efficiency, means you can mount it to a variety of existing sub-structures, and use it to meter/weigh, blend and feed conveyors, drum scales and more.

The Libra has a durable, sanitary design, with no pulleys to break or accumulate debris, and no belts to maintain and clean, and it’s constructed using FDA-approved stainless steel contact surfaces. For production operations that demand the highest levels of consistency, accuracy and performance, look to the Libra for continuous mass flow measurements that outweigh the competition.
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Libra Mass Flow (Loss-in-Weight System)

Libra Mass Flow (Loss-in-Weight System)

The VF Line: An Industry Standard

PPM’s VF range of conveyors continue to be the reliable and proven workhorses of the food industry, after more than 30 years. The versatile drive design allows a lineup of conveyors that suit a huge range of applications – from snack foods, nuts, baked goods, dried fruits and cereals to frozen and wet products.
PPM Libra Mass Flow

PPM Libra Mass Flow

Performance Highlights
  • Durable, sanitary design
  • Responsive
  • Long life and low maintenance costs
  • Precise accuracy
  • Gravimetric and volumetric measuring
  • Small installation footprint

Most Popular Applications
  • Product blending
  • Metering
  • Drum feeding
  • Weighing