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Syngenta Spray Assist

Syngenta Spray Assist App (links to DUTCH description of the Syngenta Spray Assist App)

This product is part of the Interpom Innovation Tour 2021


What is new?

Syngenta Spray Assist helps potato farmers to make the right decisions related to spraying their crops. The app combines weather conditions, spray nozzles and Syngenta's knowledge. That's how you receive tailored recmmendations


What is the added value for the user?

The app supports farmers in the timing of the treatment and how to reduce drift. This allows you to spray efficiently and sustainably


What is the added value for the further sustainability and professionalization of the potato sector?

Reducing drift is a key topic, but it is also very complex for the farmer. It can also impact the efficiency of the treatment. This Syngenta app considers both efficiency and drift reduction in its recommendations. The app recommendations are independent of product, so the advice can be used by all farmers.

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The Spray Assist app (Dutch version)