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Allround Allstore
Allstore is regulating the temperature, relative humidity, and CO₂ level inside the storage building to the optimal values to maintain the product quality with minimal storage losses.
Mooij Agro EVA - Easy Virtual Assistant
EVA - Easy Virtual Assistant
The Easy Virtual Assistant – EVA – is the new smart assistant wizard for growers and crop storage operators. EVA is available as an additional module in Croptimiz-r; the latest automation system for crop storage.
RH3S Optimizer
The Optimizer is a soil sensor system on tractor, that allows real time determination of implement application rates. The system determines contactless soil type or a soil property, e.g. clay.
Syngenta Spray Assist
Spray Assist App
The Syngenta Spray Assist App helps potato farmers to make the right decisions related to spraying their crops. The app combines weather conditions, spray nozzles and Syngenta's knowledge. That's how you receive tailored recommendations
CropVision Gewis
CropVision Gewis
CropVision Gewis can be connected to the weather station of the Belgian grower. The advisory program indicates the best spraying moment for each product, in order to achieve the highest possible results of spraying.


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