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Tummers Washing line Drum Washer

Purpose and Operation

The Tummers Washing Line Drum Washer ensures an intensive washing process for potatoes and other tubers in a continuously rotating washing drum. This machine was specially designed to generate a maximum mechanical washing power, even at low filling levels.

The specially shaped drum of the Drum Washer brings the product into water continuously. Due to the rotating movement, the products rub against each other and the drum wall. Together with water, this ensures a perfectly clean end product.

To influence the washing intensity of the Drum Washer, the filling level can be adjusted by means of a dosing valve. An extra brush can be placed inside the drum for an additional washing effect.

Benefits Of Tummers Washing Line Drum Washer

  • Very high capacity versions available
  • Robust, simple, slip-free drive
  • Easy to operate and extremely maintenance-friendly
  • Adjustable wash intensity and linger perio
5-160 tons per hour