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Tummers Washing line Roller Dryer

Purpose and Operation

Tummers Washing Line Roller Dryer ensures that after washing and destoning the moisture still present is removed from the potatoes or tubers without affecting the product characteristics.
The roller dryer does this by transporting the product over a bed of rollers with a moisture-absorbing layer of felt. A pressure roller underneath the rollers acts to drain off the absorbed water.
The Tummers roller dryer is designed in such a way that your product can be introduced and distributed across the drying rollers at high speed and without damage.


  • Designed for industrial 24/7 use
  • Compact installation
  • Simple operation
  • Robust and low-maintenance drive mechanism
  • Large range of options, such as an empty run system

Tummers Washing line Roller Dryer

10-100 tons per hour