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Allround Wet hopper J 2T
Wet hopper
The Allround Wet hopper, previously called Jacuzzi, is used as a pre-cleaning device. The product falls in the water, where the sticky soil makes it heavier.
Tummers Washing line Roller Dryer
Washing line Roller Dryer
Tummers Washing Line Roller Dryer ensures that after washing and destoning the moisture still present is removed from the potatoes or tubers without affecting the product characteristics.
Wyma Combi-System
Wyma’s Combi-System is a Destoner, Barrel Washer and Debris Remover in one machine.
Wyma Flume Destoner
Flume Destoner
La Despedregadora por Canaleta de Wyma remueve piedras de su flujo de hortalizas para minimizar el daño a las hortalizas y al equipo en su línea de procesamiento.
Wyma Mega-Polisher
Wyma's Mega-Polisher is the largest vegetable polishing system in the world. It consists of two Vege-Polisher™ machines linked together.
Allround Potato washer U-300
Vegetable washing machines
The Allround vegetable washing machines are designed to operate with a water basin. In this water basin, the water used in the commercial vegetable washer is recirculated to be used again.
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Tummers Washing line Destoner/Washer unit
Washing line Destoner/Washer unit
Tummers Washing line Destoner/Washer unit is a stainless steel machine combination for destoning and washing potatoes and tubers that was developed for 24/7 industrial use. Optionally the machine can be set up to separate floating parts (foliage and stalks) from your product.
tna ultra-clean® WT 3
ultra-clean® WT 3
Florigo ultra-clean® WT 3 removes clay shells, sand and soil from potatoes and other root vegetables without damaging them.
tna thermo-wash® HW 3
thermo-wash® HW 3
The tna thermo-washHW 3 is a potato hot washing system designed to overcome challenges associated with raw materials high in sugar, by lowering sugar content to below 0.2% ready for frying.
Wyma Wet Hopper
Wet Hopper
La Tolva de Remojo de Wyma permite que las hortalizas se viertan con rapidez en un tanque lleno de agua sin temor a daños. Las hortalizas entrantes pueden estar sucias, limpias o semilimpias.
tna ultra-clean® COMBO 3
ultra-clean® COMBO 3
Florigo ultra-clean® COMBO 3 is a 3-in-1 cleaning solution for de-soiling, de-stoning and washing root vegetables, including potatoes.
tna hydro-wash® SW 3
hydro-wash® SW 3
Florigo hydro-wash® SW 3 is a slice washing system that removes starch and collects full size potato slices in a single layer for even frying.
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Flo-Mech Flo-Wash® submerged barrel washing system ensures a clean product, ready for further processing.
Flo-Wash® SBW
Flo-Mech Flo-Wash® submerged barrel washing system ensures a clean product, ready for further processing.
Southern Fabrication Works offers this compact unit for solids removal for (waste-)water treatment
Water Treatment (Solids Removal)
Solids handling system designed to work in conjunction with washing or other solid saturated water systems. This system can be sized and implemented to produce clean recirculated water where solids removal is required.
Industrial Potato washing line 600 series
Industrial Potato washing line 600 series
This line is designed to wash industrial potatoes. The principle is that a box is placed in the machine, which then slowly tilts the box so that a hopper or elevator is filled.
Wyma Barrel Washer
Barrel Washer
Wyma's Barrel Washer is a cost-effective machine that effectively and gently washes fresh produce while removing soil and small stones. Produce can be partially or fully submerged during washing. As the perforated barrel rotates, vegetables rub against each other and the barrel for a gentle clean.
Wyma Vege-Polisher™ V4
Vege-Polisher™ V4
Wyma's V4 Vege-Polisher™ has many features including automated machine operation and improved access for maintenance and cleaning.
Allround Potato Processing Line 450 series
Potato Processing Line 450 series
Potato Processing line with a washing area, polisher, shake grader. The washing area contains ​a Destoner when there is a lot of dirt coming along with the produce, destoners are the ideal machines.


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