Wyma Small line to pack potatoes

Wyma Small Potato Line

Wyma Small Potato Line

In this example of a small line to pack potatoes (5 ton per hour), produce can be received onto an Elevator where they are fed into a Horizontal Debris Remover, to remove loose dirt, vine, and other debris. Alternatively, potatoes may be tipped directly into the Wet Hopper via a Manual Bin Tipper.

The Wet Hopper, a two-ton capacity hopper is shown here, provides some soaking time to soften the soil before the product is transferred into a Vege-Polisher™, for washing and polishing. Wash water is cleaned, filtered by the integrated Polisher Filter for reuse and minimizing water consumption.

An elevator is shown to lift potatoes to Absorbent Drying Rollers removing excess moisture before the potatoes are inspected and sized. Illustrated here are three Screen Sizers, able to sort products into four sizes.

Potatoes are then transferred to storage bins via fall breakers or a Vertical Bin & Bag Filler for packing in a separate line. Alternatively, packing could occur directly from the screen sizer output conveyors. This line configuration would ideally suit a smaller scale grower or packer, sourcing produces directly from harvest trucks, sacks, or field storage bins.