Wyma Absorbent Drying Roller

Wyma Absorbent Drying Roller

Wyma Absorbent Drying Roller

Absorbent Drying Rollers remove excess moisture from the surface of fresh produce, reducing the risk of bacterial growth. The roller's porous surface draws in moisture as produce travels along the bed. Squeeze rollers underneath the bed squeeze water from sponge rollers.

Wyma can provide a flatbed system to suit your exact needs. Systems are made up of individual 10 or 15-row modules bolted together to make a customized system.

Produce is transferred over the brushes and rollers by other produce pushing it from behind.

An automatic wiper can be fitted to clear produce from the bed at the end of a produce run.


  • Spray bars allow chemical application and produce rinsing. 
  • Outfeed brush rollers protect last drying roller from damage as produce exits. 
  • Automatic wiper system* clears produce at the end of a run so no operator required. 
  • Water catchment tray collects waste water. Easy cleaning access. 
  • A centralized greasing system is convenient when greasing is needed. 
  • Infeed brush rollers protect drying rollers from any drop impact. Flicks excess water off for a ‘headstart’ on the drying process. 
  • Pneumatic squeeze frame allows adjustment of squeeze pressure to maximise sponge life. 
  • Belt driven design (Kevlar-reinforced) is more reliable than chain-driven design and less maintenance. 
  • No drop between modules means multiple flat beds can be combined. This is an efficient use of space and the most gentle form of handling. 
  • Handedness – Motors can go on either side of the machine to suit your site. 
  • Motors IP56 and covered means that you can hose down the machine. 
  • Designed with few catchment areas reduces dirt trapping. Modular build to mix and match functionality, flexibility and can modify set-up at a later date. 

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Wyma Absorbent Drying Rollers