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In Sumatra, potato appetite bites into a UNESCO-listed tiger haven
Mayo 08, 2023

Expanding Potato cultivation on Sumatra, Indonesia cause for environmental concerns

Expanding cultivation of potatoes on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island infringes on Kerinci Seblat National Park, the largest protected area on Sumatra and one of the last refuges of the Sumatran tiger, Sumatran elephant and the Sunda clouded leopard.
Close-up of late blight infected potato leaves collected in Indonesia
Diciembre 15, 2020

Researchers map late blight strains in potato on Java, Indonesia

A new study published in Plant Pathology identifies for the first time the genotypes of P. infestans, causing late blight in the main potato-growing regions in Java, Indonesia.
Dutch experts help Indonesia deal with potato pests
Mayo 12, 2018

Dutch experts help Indonesia deal with potato pests

Potato cultivation in the highlands of Indonesia is plagued by a number of pests, including Potato Cyst Nematodes and Phytophthora infestans. Dutch experts help their Indonesian counterparts to find the right approach for control.
WTO ruling against import licensing scheme Indonesia creates export opportunities for potato processing companies
Noviembre 12, 2017

WTO ruling against import licensing scheme Indonesia creates export opportunities for potato processing companies

The National Potato Council applauds the United States Trade Representative’s victory in the World Trade Organization (WTO) case against Indonesia’s restrictive import licensing scheme.
Indonesia fights against illegal potato imports
Diciembre 12, 2016

Indonesia fights against illegal potato imports

In response to protests of potato farmers, the Indonesian government pledged on Thursday to immediately stop illegal potato imports that have put local farmers at risk.
Salim Group signs R&D agreement with Dutch JV to boost Potato Production in Indonesia
Abril 24, 2016

Salim Group signs R&D agreement with Dutch JV to boost Potato Production in Indonesia

The Salim Group, one of Indonesia's largest business groups, signed a R&D agreement worth $10 million with seed producer East West Seed Indonesia in The Hague last Friday to boost potato production in Indonesia.
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Potato cultivation partially responsible for landslide in Indonesia
Marzo 12, 2016

Potato cultivation partly to blame for landslide in Indonesia

Potatoes cultivation is partly to blame for a recent landslide in Wonosobo, Central Java, as farmers engage in unsafe planting practices that harm the environment to try to reap high prices - according to a study revealed last week.
Indonesian extension officers receive training in monitoring insect pests in potatoes (Courtesy West Australian State Government)
Septiembre 01, 2014

Frost destroys dozens of hectares potato crops in Indonesian highlands

Dozens of hectares of potato plantations in Central Java, have died in just a few hours after being stricken by frost.
Starchworld 2014
Febrero 10, 2014

Emsland Group presents 'Potato based clean label innovations' at 3rd Starch World 2014

Emsland Group has announced that Henk Jaap Meijer will be participating as speaker at CMT's 3rd Starch World 2014 on 17-19 Feb, 2014 to be held at Mandarin Oriental Jakarta, Indonesia.
Octubre 25, 2011

'Indonesia Should Not Import Potatoes' says Minister

Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan said that Indonesia should not import potatoes because the commodity could be produced at home, Antara news agency reported. "I do not quite agree if commodities that could be produced at home must be imported. Ther...
Octubre 15, 2011

Potato import Indonesia may see stricter regulation

The Indonesian government is considering establishing a trade system for potatoes, including what kinds of potatoes [products] may be imported and an import quota, an official says. Trade Ministry director general for foreign trade Deddy Saleh said hi...
Octubre 11, 2011

Indonesian Farmers protest against potato imports

On Tuesday, a group of farmers protested in front of the Trade Ministry in Jakarta against the arrival of imported potatoes that they say were having a detrimental impact on sales of homegrown produce. “We urge the government to revoke the potato impo...
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Febrero 24, 2009

Indonesia plans to develop Jambi and North Sulawesi in production centers for French Fries

According to a report published by the Asia Pulse agency, Indonesian provinces Jambi and North Sulawesi that have good fertility and climate will be developed into potato production centers for french fries. In the province of Jambi in particular, pota...
Agosto 22, 2008

Indonesia largest potato producer in SE Asia

Indonesia is the largest potato-producing nation in Southeast Asia with an annual production of 1.1 million tons, a minister said. "Indonesia is the largest potato-producing country in Southeast Asia. The prospects for potato production in the wor...
Mayo 22, 2008

Potato prospects in Indonesia face many challenges

With its high rate of growth, high yield and low water consumption, the potato has become the world's fourth major food crop in the world, but its prospects in Indonesia face many challenges, a representative for Indonesia's chapter of the Food and Agr...


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