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AlphaLab designed by Astaara Technology of Singapore

Astaara Technology showcases its package leak detector at Inter Foodtech Mumbai

Junio 07, 2023
Among the remarkable innovations presented at InterFood Tech Mumbai was the AlphaLab, designed and manufactured by Astaara Technology of Singapore.
BRI Agri Institute Launched To Rev Up Potato Industry

Eleven Belt and Road countries create a potato industry network, propose a joint Potato Germplasm Resource Bank

Junio 07, 2023
In a bid to turbocharge the potato industry, 11 Belt and Road (BRI) countries including China and Pakistan have joined international universities, companies and organisations to launch an international network on the potato industry at a forum held recently at China's Southwest University.
India's premier technology supplier fair in Mumbai is all set to revolutionize the F&B manufacturing

Exhibitors of the Inter FoodTech in Mumbai are ready to show food manufacturers the latest in processing equipment

Junio 06, 2023
It’s all set with the 2nd edition of India’s premier technology supplier fair Food and Beverage processing industry, which is back with more advanced solutions and the latest innovations in the industry.
Representatives of Beirut Erbil Company, Shorouk Al Nahar Company and Nahar Al Awrad Company with a group of attendees

BEPPCO participates in potato field day organized by its parent company Nahar Al Awrad Group

Junio 04, 2023
Nahar Al Awrad Group, along with its subsidiaries Nahar Al Awrad, Shorouq Al Nahar, and Beirut Erbil Company, recently organized a potato field day.
Taste all of Japan by tasting all of its potatoes

Koikeya offers snackers the opportunity to compare chips made from potatoes grown in 3 Japanese regions

Mayo 29, 2023
Drinks like sake and wine are often appreciated for their regional characteristics that are deeply rooted in the environmental conditions from the crop used. So, why not potato chips too?
2nd Edition of Inter FoodTech, Snack & BakeTec, and Pac MechEx To Be Held in Mumbai On June 7-9

2nd Edition of Inter FoodTech, Snack & BakeTec, and Pac MechEx To Be Held in Mumbai On June 7-9

Mayo 28, 2023
Food technology companies from India and around the world will gather at the Inter FoodTech's trade fair to showcase the latest technological developments in the food processing industry.
Heat and Control - Leaderboard - 20220920
Significant figures of the event

Beirut Erbil Company was the official sponsor of the Dutch King's Day celebration held in Erbil

Mayo 22, 2023
Beirut Erbil Company is honored and proud to have been the official sponsor of the Dutch King's Day celebration held in Erbil. Our sponsorship showcased our commitment to promoting cultural diversity and international collaboration.
Potato Days Türkiye new venue in 2023!

Potato Days Türkiye moves to a new venue in 2023!

Mayo 18, 2023
On August 25, 2023 the third edition of DLG’s 'Potato Days Türkiye', the only trade fair in Turkey dedicated to potato cultivation, will take place in Cappadocia, Nevsehir.
Presenting Mr. Shaban Nahar & the top management team from Beirut Erbil company for potato products

Advancing Iraq's Agricultural Value Chain: Beirut Erbil Company Hosts Event with EU Commission Representation

Mayo 11, 2023
Under the umbrella of the Strengthening the Agriculture and Agri-food Value Chain and Improving Trade Policy in Iraq (SAAVI ) and Under the auspices of the Commission of the European Union and in the presence of Ms. Barbara Egger, Chairperson of the Cooperation Committee of the European Commission in Iraq
The workers in a potato warehouse before distribution to various regions.

Expanding Potato cultivation on Sumatra, Indonesia cause for environmental concerns

Mayo 08, 2023
Expanding cultivation of potatoes on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island infringes on Kerinci Seblat National Park, the largest protected area on Sumatra and one of the last refuges of the Sumatran tiger, Sumatran elephant and the Sunda clouded leopard.


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