España: nueva logica de fertilización
Febrero 14, 2024

España: nueva logica de fertilización

El pacto verde complejiza el cultivo de patatas en Europa debido a las restricciones en el uso de fertilizantes. España debe adaptarse para sobrevivir.
The province and chain partners jointly reward Drenthe arable farmers for sustainable performance
Febrero 07, 2024

Dutch province Drenthe and potato chain partners push sustainability by rewarding farmers

De provincie Drenthe start sa men met de ketenpartners een pilot voor akkerbouwers rondom belonen voor duurzaamheid. In de pilot worden de Kritische Prestatie Indicatoren (KPI’s) uit de Biodiversiteitsmonitor Akkerbouw in de praktijk getest.
Holanda: situación climática adversa dificulta la cosecha (Cortesía: OAN Events)
Enero 28, 2024

Holanda: situación climática adversa dificultó la cosecha

En Holanda la situación climática afectó la cosecha de papa y genera muchas preguntas con respecto al futuro de la producción en el país.
Pringles make a major change to its tube packaging
Enero 22, 2024

Pringles make a major change to its tube packaging - and says it will prevent crisps from breaking too

Pringles make a major change to its tube packaging - and says it will prevent crisps. Most Britons will be familiar with the famous Pringles tube - but the crisp brand is now making a huge change to its packaging.
Sustainable cooperation in Brabant's potato processing industry
Diciembre 27, 2023

Joint project by the potato processing industry in Brabant (the Netherlands) focused on sustainability

Agristo, Peka Kroef, Lamb Weston and Duynie have teamed up to create a groundbreaking partnership with a view to sustainability and ecological awareness.
E2E SteamClosure Clinches Rabobank SMART Award, Marking a Year of Triumph
Diciembre 11, 2023

Tummers E2E SteamClosure picks up Rabobank SMART Award

As E2E SteamClosure celebrates its one-year anniversary, Tummers has yet another reason to pop the champagne.
Schönbuchschule Dettenhausen during the potato harvest, DKHV school garden project "Kids an die Knolle"
Noviembre 21, 2023

Join the Fun: Register Your School for 'Kids an die Knolle' 2024 – A Potato Education Program by the German Potato Trade Association (DKHV)

Schools all over Germany take part in "Kids an die Knolle", an educational program run by the German Potato Trade Association (DKHV).
Partnership for Sustainable Growth: Nordic Investor Alder Joins Forces with Insort to Revolutionize the Food Industry
Noviembre 01, 2023

Partnership for Sustainable Growth: Nordic Investor Alder Joins Forces with Insort to Revolutionize the Food Industry

Nordic financial investor Alder, focused on investing in technology companies that drive sustainable solutions, joins them, Insort, the expert in high-tech imaging solutions for the food industry, as an investor.
PLUS (Dutch Supermarket)
Septiembre 28, 2023

Potatoes from Dutch supermarket chain PLUS standard organic

PLUS's Dutch range of unprocessed potatoes will become completely organic. As of today, the unprocessed potatoes in 1 kilo bags are standard organic. And again without increasing the price.
Snack A Jacks Bagless Multipacks
Septiembre 25, 2023

Walkers introduces 'Bagless' multipacks for Snack A Jacks to reduce plastic use

PepsiCo is trialling new multipack packaging for their Snack A Jacks range. Packs on shelves in Tesco stores across the United Kingdom will now use 86% less plastic on their outer packaging when compared with the previous multipack design.
Royal Avebe awarded with a Gold medal for Sustainability efforts
Agosto 03, 2023

Starch manufacturer Royal Avebe awarded with a Gold medal for its Sustainability efforts

Dutch Potato Starch cooperative Royal Avebe has been awarded a gold medal by Ecovadis, a global collaborative platform that helps companies assess sustainability performance throughout the supply chain.
PepsiCo Switches to used cooking oil as fuel for all Walkers Crisps Potato Deliveries
Julio 27, 2023

Potato deliveries to Walkers Leicester Chips factory entirely powered by used cooking oil

In the United Kingdom, PepsiCo has scaled the use of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) – used cooking oil - across their supply chain in a move set to save 2,650 tonnes in GHG emissions annually.

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EU Commission publishes legally binding food waste reduction targets for 2030
Julio 24, 2023

EU Commission publishes legally binding food waste reduction targets for 2030

As part of a package of measures for a sustainable use of natural resources, the European Commission is proposing to set legally binding food waste reduction targets to be achieved by Member States (MS) by 2030.
Together for a greener future: Farm Frites Sustainability Report 2022
Julio 24, 2023

Potato Processor Farm Frites publishes its Sustainability Report for 2022

With the most disruptive phases of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past, Farm Frites team was able to place renewed focus on reaching their sustainability goals in 2022.
Smart use of energy and water at Aviko Rixona, a manufacturer of dehydrated potato products
Julio 16, 2023

Smart use of energy and water in the production of potato flakes at Aviko Rixona

Jeroen Zwietering, Process Engineer Energy at Aviko Rixona, a Dutch manufacturer of dehydrated potato products, gave an interview about Smart use of energy and water
Researchers from Aarhus University are comparing greenhouse gas emissions from a conventional potato crop rotation on drained peat soil with the cultivation of reed canary grass for biomass production on undrained or poorly drained peat soil.
Julio 12, 2023

Peat soils in Denmark: Stop drainage and cultivate reed grass instead of potatoes, says agricultural emissions study

Drained peat soils in Denmark account for about one-third of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.
Solynta Hybrid Potato Breeding
Junio 27, 2023

Solynta: Sowing a More Collaborative Seed Industry

You may think of a seed as tiny and insignificant. Don’t be fooled: its impact on global agriculture is immense. The seed industry is constantly balancing innovation with bringing value to growers.
Significant step forward for Sustainable Farming Incentive
Junio 26, 2023

United Kingdom Organic farmers pleased with Sustainable Farming Incentive 2023 (SFI)

OF&G (Organic Farmers & Growers) has welcomed Defra’s development of the Sustainable Farming Incentive 2023 (SFI) and the flexibility the expanded remit offers to organic farmers.


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