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New Brunswick New Brunswick

The Potato Sector
Potatoes are the main crop grown in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick produces over 20,000 hectares of potatoes with 56% of the crop destined for processing, 25% to fresh market and 19% for seed.

New Brunswick is also the province where McCain Foods Limited - now the largest potato processor worldwide - was founded.

Agricultural Statistics New Brunswick

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Potato Area Planted in 2018: 53,000.00 acres
Potato Area Planted in 2017: 51,700.00 acres
Potato Area Harvested in 2017: 51,600.00 acres
Potato Production in 2017: 15,159.00 (000) cwt
Potato Yield in 2017: 293.80 cwt/acre
Potato Area Planted in 2016: 47,630.00 acres
Potato Area Harvested in 2016: 47,000.00 acres