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The Potato Sector
New York's potato growers grow about 20,500 acres of crop for seed, fresh and processing. New York’s potato growers are 13th in the nation in potato production.

The New York potato industry crop is valued at $65.3 million and production amounts to 5.2 million cwt.

New York growers grow many varieties including round whites, reds, yellows, russets, fingerlings and potato varieties for chips.

Many potato growers in New York grow fresh potatoes. Some producers grow and package their own potatoes. Others grow and sell to others to package them. You can find NY grown fresh potatoes at New York local farmers markets, grocery stores and produce stands.

New York potato farmers also grow potatoes for chips. New York grown potatoes can be found in Wise, Utz, Herr, Terrells and Cape Cod potato chip products. Bubbas Chips and North Fork Chips are grown and made by New York farmer/processors.

Agricultural Statistics New York

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Potato Yield in 2015: 393.00 cwt/acre Fall only
Potato Yield in 2015: 280.00 cwt/acre Fall only
Potato Yield in 2015: 280.00 cwt/acre All seasons
Potato Price at Producer in 2015: 12.20 USD/cwt All seasons
Potato Area Harvested in 2014: 59,800.00 acres Fall only
Potato Production in 2014: 23,196.00 (000) cwt Fall only
Potato Area Harvested in 2014: 15,800.00 acres All seasons