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Lamb Weston has introduced Poundo Potato Flakes to the Nigerian market and stresses the need to improve the margin in the potato value-chain

Lamb Weston has introduced Poundo Potato Flakes to the Nigerian market and stresses the need to improve the margin in the potato value-chain

Lamb Weston Nigeria Ltd has reaffirmed the need to improve the margin structure of potato value-chain in Nigeria market by bridging the gap of the ever-changing demands of the consumers, growing middle class in the country.

The company said, it ventured into the Nigerian market destination focusing at the infrastructural stage levels in the country to create the establishment of a ready market for the potential buyers in the market to facilitate quick demands by giving priority to the consumers to enhance the first entry of potato swallow products.

Speaking to journalist in Lagos, managing director of LWM Nigeria, Mr. Victor Nwachukwu maintained that, lower cost alternative production is the surest way for manufacturers and consumers to survive the current inflationary pressures, FX constraints and the cost of clearing at the ports.

Nwachukwu stated that, with the access to the ports in Lagos, there’s good traction for market penetrations in closing supply gaps due to the huge ready market of potential buyers while affirming that this has driven the decision to have distribution centres in Ibadan, Portharcort and Abuja.

He posited that the company has made huge tractions with its visibility and distribution outlets in neighbouring cities and remote outlets to enable consumers place their orders.

He averred that the retail outlets in the country like the JustRite, ShopRite, SPA and the various shopping malls are bridging the supply gaps by selling at a unified affordable price across the country to enable buyers to have access to the products.

Speaking further, Victor Nwachukwu, said, Poundo Potato presents Nigerians with an excellent source of dietary fibre, potassium, Vitamins B6 & C, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus; among other essential health benefits and this is fundamentally what drives the idea behind Poundo Potato.

Victor Nwachukwu:
"Lamb Weston Poundo Potato is distinctive on the supermarket shelves and in your cupboard by the unique orange pack, is a result of all these beneficial nutrients, designed for convenience and presenting a light meal option to consumers."

"Also, the deliberate choice to manufacture Lamb Weston Poundo Potato in flakes format or texture guarantees a ‘lump free’ swallow meal that is easy to make and is ready in five minutes."

"Lamb Weston Poundo Potato, created by Lamb Weston/Meijer as a light swallow meal, has also seen its versatility tested by Nigerian consumers who have used it to make many other popular meals such as mashed potatoes, hot cereal (with hot water, milk, and sugar) or in pies (with meat and/or vegetable)."

"We are pleased with the initial reception of the ‘orange pack of Irish Potato goodness’ and the increasing awareness among discerning Nigerian consumers about the value that Lamb Weston Poundo Potato brings to their everyday health and convenience needs."

"We are particularly happy that Lamb Weston Poundo Potato, since its introduction to the Nigeria market, has continued to offer our valued customers & consumers more options of enjoying potato meals in addition to the boiled or fried versions we have been accustomed to for many years."
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