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    Cavendish Farms unveils new Bio-Gas Facility

    Cavendish Farms New Annan biogas facility during construction. The plant was completed late 2008 and inaugurated in the summer of 2009. (Krieg & Fisher)

    Cavendish Farms, one of North America's leading producers of frozen potato products, unveiled a critical vital new element in their environmental action plan, and a first for the potato industry in North America.

    "Today we are proud to unveil our Bio-Gas Facility as an example of our corporate approach to researching, investing and implementing innovative new ways that we can create sustainable and environmentally friendly processing methodologies,"Robert Irving, President of Cavendish Farms said at the official opening of the new plant.

    "This is the first facility in the potato industry to take solid potato waste and convert it into usable energy."

    What sets the plant apart is that while most facilities treat waste water produced from processing, the Cavendish Bio-Gas Facility also takes the solid waste material from potato processing and, through anaerobic digestion (a natural process similar to composting), converts it into energy for the Cavendish processing plants.