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    Florida potato farmer installs electrical irrigation system

    Jones Potato Farm switched from a diesel powered irrigation system to an electrical one (picture added in 2018).

    Alan Jones, president and owner of Jones Potato Farm in Parrish, Florida, understands companies will have to attempt to do more with less in today's economy. With that idea in mind, Jones was determined to find cost-effective ways to run his farm, like switching from a fuel irrigation system to an electrical one.

    Lindsay Corp., a Nebraska-based company which manufactures the pivot irrigation systems, uses a variable frequency drive to power equipment that waters Jones' crops. The system comes with wireless management to allow Jones and his staff to monitor the irrigation via smart phone or personal computer.

    Jones Potato Farm installed 14 central pivot systems. With his new irrigation system, Jones expects to save 1,336,300 gallons of water per day. The installation of the pivot system cost Jones more than $2 million.