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  • Cameroon Potato Farmers receive free seed potatoes as government wants to professionalize potato cultivation
Potatoes and farm inputs for 300 potato growers in Cameroon
Some 300 Irish potato farmers in Cameroon (Bui division) on May 9, 2014 received 30 tonnes of quality Irish potato seeds and farm inputs to improve production and productivity. Each of the farmers went home with a complete pact comprising 100 kg of potato seeds, four bags of decomposed manure, fertilisers and fungicides.

Around to offer the seeds, the Regional Delegate of Agriculture and Rural Development, Notutu Godfred, acknowledged the role of Bui farmers in the production of potatoes. The event also featured the launching of the 2nd Irish Potato Cooperative Society in the North West after Santa. Notutu Godfred said with cooperatives, farmers will easily store and sell their produce, away from middlemen who do not help matters.

The seeds handed over will be followed up closely by the staff of Agriculture on the field so as to ensure harvest at the same time. He remarked that the 30 tonnes distributed could yield more than 400 tonnes if the farmers followed instructions. Speaking on behalf of the farmers, Cho Theresia, thanked the government for choosing the Bui agricultural zone and promised to make good use of the offer. She, however, expressed some worries, featuring the lack of mechanised equipment for production, late arrival of support to farmers and farmer-grazer conflicts, amongst others. For the farmers, if roads could be maintained, storage facilities installed, farm inputs subsidised, it will go a long way to boost the sector.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary in the North West Governor's office, Monono Woloa, promised the farmers that the problems within their competence will be handled and the others forwarded to hierarchy. He stated the government's commitment to enhance 2nd generation agriculture to help Cameroon emerge in 2035. Bui SDO, Nzeki Theophile featured prominently in presenting the seeds to beneficiaries.