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Potato Starch manufacturer Avebe is looking for growth in Germany

Potato starch manufacturer Avebe is looking to expand its growing area in Germany.

Dutch potato starch manufacturer Avebe is looking to expand its growing area in Germany. The company has concluded that a good connection with potato growers is indispensable for this.

Avebe Germany account managers Ulrike Ziervogel and Hauke Warnecke explain the ambitions and how the company intends to realise them.

Avebe sees opportunities in Germany, particularly in the area to the east of the river Elbe.

Hauke Warnecke, account manager Avebe Germany

Hauke Warnecke, account manager Avebe Germany:

“The cultivation of grain, oilseed rape and sugar beet is becoming increasingly difficult and less profitable.”

“As a result, farmers are becoming increasingly interested in other sources of income, such as growing starch potatoes.”

To take advantage of these growth opportunities, Avebe is committed to further improving efficiency in Germany and thus reducing cost.

Growth through improvement

One of the steps being taken to improve this collaboration and efficiency is the construction of a new unloading installation.

Ulrike Ziervogel, account manager Avebe Germany

Ulrike Ziervogel, account manager Avebe Germany:

“Growers use their own trucks to bring the potatoes to the factories in Lüchow and Dallmin, or the transport is organised by Maschinenring Deutschland, a partnership between agricultural entrepreneurs.”

“This transport method saves time and money for both the growers and Avebe.”

Growth through connection

A good relationship between Avebe and the arable farmers is crucial to working together with potato growers on an efficient supply chain and high-quality cultivation process.



Avebe Lüchow plant

The account managers – being the link between the farmers and Avebe - play a major role in this.

Hauke Warnecke:





“This starts even before a farmer decides to grow starch potatoes for Avebe.”

“Starch potatoes are not that easy to grow: they need a lot of care. It's therefore important to inform potential growers in advance about different varieties and plant protection.”

“If farmers decide to grow for Avebe, they are advised on the cultivation by their account manager.”

In addition to advice, motivating growers is another important task of the account managers.

Ulrike Ziervogel:





“That's necessary especially when they've had a hard time in the previous season.”

Regionally organised events such as the barbecue evenings create a good opportunity for this and are also the perfect time for the growers of Avebe to get to know each other.





Avebe Dallmin plant

Ulrike Ziervogel and Hauke Warnecke also update the potato growers on the latest developments during the barbecue evenings and give advice on current issues. These are also important themes during the field days organised by Avebe.

Ulrike Ziervogel:





“This is how we share knowledge to further improve and develop cultivation, and how we build relationships with our growers.”