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Frito-Lay Launches Industrially Compostable Bags with Off The Eaten Path® Brand

Frito-Lay Launches Industrially Compostable Bags with Off The Eaten Path® Brand

september 23, 2021
Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo® and leader in snacking, today introduced an industrially compostable bag for its Off The Eaten Path® brand.

The bags are currently available at Whole Foods Market and select retailers starting this month and are an example of PepsiCo's investments in breakthrough food packaging technology and the overall pep+ transformation.

Producing the materials used for these bags creates approximately 60 percent lower GHG emissions than traditional packaging and the technology may be licensed to other companies at no cost to further the use across the consumer-packaged goods industry.

David Allen, vice president of sustainability, Frito-Lay North America:
"Frito-Lay recognizes the important role we play in driving towards a circular economy and reducing packaging waste. We are investing in plans to scale circular food packaging that is recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, or reusable and sharing that technology to build a more sustainable food system for us all."

Off the Eaten Path Composting Program

Off The Eaten Path prides itself on being a brand passionate about developing tasty snacks made with real ingredients consumers can feel good about like peas, chickpeas, and black beans that are better for people and for our planet. As part of their journey on developing snacks better for the planet, Off the Eaten Path is piloting industrially compostable packaging.

The packaging, which is primarily made from non-food, plant-based sources, is available on specially marked Off The Eaten Path Chickpea Veggie Crisps or Off The Eaten Path Veggie Crisps


In order to send the packaging to be composted, consumers are invited to sign up on the TerraCycle program page at www.terracycle.com where they are given the choice to either mail in the packaging using the provided prepaid shipping label or locate a local composting drop-off location via the easy-to-use database.

Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle:
"Since our founding, TerraCycle has made it our mission to Eliminate the Idea of Waste' and provide consumers with a simple process to responsibly dispose of the packaging generated from the items they use and consume every day."

"Through this composting program, consumers can demonstrate their respect for the environment by taking an active role in the end-of-life processing of their favorite brand of chip."
Marissa Solis, senior vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay North America:
"Everyone can play an important role in bringing positive change for our planet. We see these new, industrially compostable Off The Eaten Path bags as an easy way for consumers to forge a new path forward in creating a world where packaging never becomes waste."
As an added incentive, Off The Eaten Path brand will also donate $1 to Ocean Conservancy for every specially marked industrially compostable bag returned to TerraCycle by May 30, 2022, up to USD 192,000.

Edith Cecchini, Project Director, Corporate Strategy & Policy, Ocean Conservancy:
"We are thrilled to team up with Off The Eaten Path with the launch of these new, compostable bags. Packaging design innovations such as this will move us a little closer to a circular economy, and an ocean free of the trash."
PepsiCo's end-to-end transformation: pep+ (PepsiCo Positive)

Pep+ is an end-to-end transformation that puts sustainability at the center of how the company will create growth and value by operating within planetary boundaries and inspiring positive change for the planet and people.

Pep+ will guide how PepsiCo will transform its business operations: from sourcing ingredients and making and selling its products in a more sustainable way; to leveraging its more than one billion connections with consumers each day to take sustainability mainstream and engage people to make choices that are better for themselves and the planet.
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