The benefits of potato ingredients in pet food

The benefits of potato ingredients in pet food

The benefits of potato ingredients in pet food.

oktober 19, 2022
Duynie Ingredients is part of Duynie Group. Europe’s largest company active in the valorisation of co-products. Within Duynie Group, they have more than 50 years of experience in taking care of potato products. At Duynie Ingredients they produce potato ingredients for the pet food industry.

Their potato ingredients are derived from such processes as manufacture of French fries, crisps, potato flakes and potato starch. Potato co-products are the most important source of plant-based ingredients for pet food. Discover how these ingredients can benefit your pet food formula and reduce the environmental impact of your pet food.
(Click to enlarge)Potato Co-Product

Potato Co-Product

There are multiple benefits of using potato ingredients in your pet food formula

Potatoes are used in many diets as a beneficial ingredient due to its large nutrient profile such as starch, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. They are easily tolerated and digestible for most dogs and cats.

Besides being a rich source of many essential nutrients, potatoes provide texture and structure to form the kibble and improve its shape. Potatoes are both nutritious and healthy. This makes it the perfect ingredient for any pet food.
  • Sustainable, based on co-products
  • Gluten-free, so popular alternative for grains and rice
  • Suitable for vegetarian and vegan formulas
  • Natural, free from any artificial and synthetic ingredients
(Click to enlarge)Possibilities of potato Co-Product

Possibilities of potato Co-Product

The different possibilities for the use of potatoes in pet food

Potatoes are a versatile ingredient. It fits any recipe and is a great grain free basis for pet food, no matter which pet food formula you use. But what type of potato do you opt for? Other than that, potatoes can be divided into two main categories: raw potato or cooked potato.

Native potato. Native potato ingredients are ingredients with native starch which are uncooked, also called raw potato. This raw potato has not yet been exposed to heat. Dogs and cats need cooked potatoes for a good digestion, just like humans. Pet food producers need a heat treatment production process to use this ingredient.

Heat treated potato. This potato has been cooked, so the starch is digestible for dogs and cats. It is ‘ready’ for consumption and suitable for both extrusion and in a cold press production process.

Tailor-made potato blends

Tailor-Made PotaBlends are blends with a combination of several high quality potato based products. The majority of their potato business consists of potato blends, both their standard mixtures as well as tailor made recipes developed specific on their customer’s needs.

They would be happy to explain to you the advantages, like the stability or nutritional values of their PotaBlends for your pet food manufacturing.

Reduce your environmental impact with their potato ingredients

Sustainable pet food is becoming more and more important. Pet owners want to feed their pets sustainably that respects the environment. By using co-products from the food industry, they enable maximal resource use and therefore help prevent food loss. All products are dried using residual heat and green electricity, instead of fossil energy.

It is proven that their potato ingredients have a significantly lower environmental impact than conventional alternatives because of the lower carbon footprint, water footprint and land use. This is shown by their Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), a process of evaluating the effects that a product has on the environment over the entire period of its life. The LCA of their potato ingredients is conducted by an independent sustainability consultant.
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