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Südstärke GmbHs Sustainability Report for 2020

Südstärke GmbHs Sustainability Report for 2020

maart 10, 2022

The first sustainability report from Südstärke GmbH covered the reporting year 2019. The aim of the sustainability report is to offer their customers, suppliers, colleagues, shareholders, and site neighbors an insight into how they engage with nature and the environment.

Südstärke GmbH will issue the sustainability report on an annual basis. As manufacturers of potato starch, they also have a responsibility and attach great importance to sustainable production processes, from growing the raw material to the finished product. The sustainability report covers our two production sites in Schrobenhausen and Sünching.

Period under review

This report covers the period of the financial year from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020. It may contain individual references to dates outside this period.

The basis and boundaries of this report

The sustainability report for 2020 is based on a wide range of data from various production areas. Some of the data is retrieved during internal investigations of individual subareas within the company, while the rest is recorded centrally in a database.

The complexity of the individual production systems means that data cannot always be gathered in a standardized format. Their aim is to improve the quality and quantity of the data on an ongoing basis, in order to make the key figures and parameters in this report more meaningful.

Although this report has been carefully checked, they cannot guarantee that every detail of the information that it contains is complete and accurate. They have used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in the version of the GRI Standards to guide us in compiling our sustainability report for 2020.

GRI has designed a comprehensive reporting framework and a guide, which set out the principles and indicators for measuring economic, environmental, and social performance. The guide is constantly being improved and expanded.

This report was prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: "Foundation" option. For the sake of clarity, this report refers to employees throughout, without making any specific reference to their orientation (male/female/non-binary).

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Sudstarke GmbHs Sustainability Report for 2020