GRIMME Group's ChangeSep and SmartFold Bag DLG Innovation Award in Silver at VDMA Information Exchange.

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  • GRIMME Group's ChangeSep and SmartFold Bag DLG Innovation Award in Silver at VDMA Information Exchange.

Grimme EVO 260

oktober 17, 2023
Boasting a selection of over 150 machine types, the GRIMME Group is a leading provider of an extensive and diverse product range within the potato, beet, and vegetable sectors. GRIMME and its subsidiary ASA-LIFT are known for crafting innovative machines utilized worldwide. On September 26-27, the German-based company showcased a range of new farm machineries during the two-day VDMA Information Exchange in Kassel, Germany.

Here are the recent innovations that GRIMME brought to the VDMA event:

ChangeSep The "ChangeSep" is a hydraulically interchangeable separator designed for modern GRIMME harvesters with two separators, such as the EVO 290. It allows a quick switch between finger webs ("ClodSep") and deflection rollers ("EasySep") in less than 2 minutes directly from the cabin.

This innovation addresses the growing need for flexibility in potato harvesters due to the expansion and specialization of farms. The leveling adjustment of the separators remains unrestricted, and the speed of both separators can be individually and continuously adjusted.

The TerraControl intake with half diablo rollers facilitates the conversion of the potato harvester into an onion harvester at the push of a button. Notably, the road transport width remains unchanged, and the integration of both separator types in one machine enhances remarketing opportunities for stock and used machines.

The "ChangeSep" is already in use on a GRIMME EVO 290 and is set to be employed on other machines this season. SmartFold In partnership with SHAKTIMAN, GRIMME introduced the SGRW 200 at Agritechnica—a mounted windrower featuring the innovative SmartFold mechanism.
Grimme SGRW 200 mit SmartFold

Grimme SGRW 200 with SmartFold

Designed to optimize potato harvesting, the two-row machine utilizes shared blades to clear the tuber nest in the ridge, reducing soil conveyance and improving efficiency. The patent-pending hydraulic folding system, SmartFold, enables a forward shift in the machine's center of gravity, reducing lifting power requirements.

It allows the use of two crop-protecting main webs with tractors starting from 50 hp. The technology enhances maneuverability and reduces harvest losses.

Optional features include a pressing roller for improved soil and clod sieving, ensuring a 100% visible potato placement on the ground. Comparative images showcase the transformative impact of SmartFold on traditional windrowers.

CropAnalyser The CropAnalyser system allows site-specific and variety-specific tuber size and yield recording during the potato harvesting process.

Utilizing the laser light-section method, the system captures the entire crop flow above the bunker-filling elevator. The collected data is automatically processed and displayed in real-time for the machine operator and on the customer portal "myGRIMME."

Through applications like "Fields" and "Crops" on myGRIMME, users can visualize tuber size variation, estimated yield, and trash percentage. The data from CropAnalyser can be transferred to other systems, such as farm management information systems, via the "agrirouter" platform.
Grimme Crop Analyser

Grimme Crop Analyser

It enables immediate online access to crucial information for potato disposition, storage, and marketing, streamlining planning processes.

The system also allows growers to assess the success of agronomic measures and varieties based on valid data, leading to optimized potato cultivation in the following years.

Additionally, automatic yield and tuber size recording reduces the workload for manual yield sampling.

IBX 200 / IBX 300: ISOBUS Main GRIMME introduces the IBX 200 and IBX 300 ISOBUS control units at Agritechnica 2023, offering versatile operation control for ISOBUS-compatible machines.
Grimme IBX Isobus control unit

Grimme IBX Isobus control unit

These units can serve as the main operation control or as additional control alongside an ISOBUS terminal, allowing simultaneous operation of multiple machines from different manufacturers.

The IBX units feature freely programmable AUX-N controls for operator convenience, with status display, assignment indication, and eight programmable membrane keys.

They support both one-handed and two-handed operations, even with gloves, and comply with safety standards (ISO 25119) for functional safety, achieving the AgPLr-B level.

REXOR-series The latest REXOR-series self-propelled beet harvesters prioritize operator relief and crop protection.
Grimme Rexor 3600

Grimme Rexor 3600

The Speedtronic-Cruise actively manages the vehicle drive system, autonomously adjusting harvesting speed based on driving mode and crop load.

Operators can customize the cruise control's reaction speed, influencing machine wear and digging quality. Combined with the standard Speedtronic for conveying and cleaning, this enables nearly autonomous beet harvesting.

The system also prevents component overloads, optimizing crop harvesting efficiency. For the 2024 campaign, REXOR 6200 and REXOR 6300 offer an optional plastic bunker cover, minimizing breakages and damage during unloading.

A rubber cover on the bunker's rear wall improves crop protection and quality while reducing cleaning efforts for operators.

EVO 260 The new, two-row potato harvester EVO 260 follows the SE 260 and features a mechanical or a completely hydraulic drive system for all main webs and separators.

The new two-row potato harvester, EVO 260, expands the GRIMME EVO family with mechanical or fully hydraulic drive systems for main webs and separators.

Ideal for gentle harvesting and on-field potato sorting, it features a 6-ton bunker and is compatible with 120-hp tractors for the 2024 harvest season.

The "swing frame geometry" minimizes weight and prevents haulm build-up, and optional TerraTronic depth control offers ridge pressure relief or regulation.

Independent speed control for main webs and automatic adjustments enhance separation efficiency. The machine's transport width can be reduced to less than 3.30 m, and optional features include a canopy, 6-ton NonstopBunker, and height-adjustable steps for picking staff comfort.

A new accessory package provides additional conveniences. With a low tare weight, radial tires, and hydraulically driven wheels, the EVO 260 is easy to pull and minimizes ground compaction.

Operated via ISOBUS, the EVO 260 offers a user-friendly experience, and the GRIMME Digital Interface (GDI) provides a clear overview of machine parameters.

Telemetry options enable data transmission to the myGRIMME portal or the farm's Farm Management Information System (FMIS). The SmartView video system, LED ambient lighting, and central lubrication system enhance visibility, comfort, and reduce wear.

PowerHarvest The "PowerHarvest concept" is an innovative high-performance harvesting approach for self-propelled potato harvesters, introduced in the 4-row TERRATRON manufactured by SPUDNIK in Idaho, USA.

This concept combines a patented curved conveyor with newly dimensioned high-performance separators, enabling harvesting capacities of over 500 t/h—a 25% increase from previous maximum capacities.

Traditional narrow separators in potato harvesters can impact sieving and drive power, potentially causing damage to harvested potatoes.

The TERRATRON adopts the "wrap-around principle," guiding the crop flow in a spiral around the entire machine, featuring a significantly larger sieving surface than classic harvesters.

The 683 hp engine, full-width separators, hydraulic components, and adjustable central web angles enhance the "PowerHarvest concept."

The "Curved Conveyor" introduces a new screening and transporting conveyor with angled drop steps for smoother crop transition, equal distribution on the elevator, and exceptional throughput performance.

This design allows the harvester to process up to 20 rows of potatoes simultaneously in an enriched harvesting process, eliminating the harvester as the performance-limiting factor.

The TERRATRON's high capacity enables farms to scale economically without the need for an additional harvesting chain and extra staff.